How to Elevate Happy Drivers for Recruiting and Retention

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving...

Do you have so much positive feedback from your drivers that you just don't know what to do with it?

Or perhaps: Do you have just one or two positive comments from your drivers and you know you need to do something with it but just aren't sure what that is yet? 

Register for this webinar to learn from Matt Kennedy how Melton Truck Lines is utilizing positive driver feedback for operational intelligence and driver recruitment marketing. And learn from our friend Lane Williams, CEO of Fusion Now Agency, who will advise on the marketing impact of positive feedback.

Who Should Attend?

Driver Retention, Recruiting, Operations, Internal Communications & Marketing, and HR Leaders 


  • Tuesday - November 16th, 2021
  • 2 pm EDT | 1 pm CDT | 11 a.m. PT
  • Duration: 1 hour


Katie Love
Marketing Manager at WorkHound

Katie Love leads marketing and content at WorkHound, a real-time feedback software platform built to give frontline workers a voice with companies. WorkHound drives retention strategy and results in high-turnover industries like trucking. WorkHound gives more than 70,000 workers a voice daily so that their companies can proactively address their issues. Katie participates in the cross-functional team at WorkHound that focuses on publicly reporting trends in driver feedback, which signals opportunities for all companies to improve on behalf of supply chain workers. 

Matt Kennedy
Employee Experience HR Manager

Matthew Kennedy has been with Melton Truck Lines for nearly 8 years serving in multiple capacities. Matt’s current role as Employee Experience/HR Manager focuses on the recruitment and training of non-driving staff and retention and recognition of Melton’s driving employees.

Lane Williams
CEO at Fusion Now Agency

Lane Williams is the Founder and CEO of Fusion Now Agency, a startup with roots in the transportation industry laser-focused on marketing and recruiting for the transportation sector. Before forming Fusion Now, Lane had a successful career implementing innovative marketing strategies, leading and developing high-volume recruiting teams, streamlining recruiting processes, and analyzing driver market data. As he contributed to his prior employer's success and growth, he inadvertently built an industry-recognized name due to his accomplishments and history of leading companies to grow.

As this reputation grew, he was approached more frequently for advice and help with getting over a plateau in a company’s growth. Lane's passion for a premium client experience and exceeding goals led him to form Fusion Now, with the mindset of helping businesses grow their brand and their fleets.

Lane and the Fusion Now team operate based on five core values - fun, focus, flexibility, fairness, and family. Living out these values has empowered the company to grow from 1 to over 20 employees (dubbed Fusioneers) in 2021 in addition to an international list of partners and clients.

Follow Fusion Now Agency to learn more about the Fusioneers & how they help companies achieve their goals, check them out at:

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“Usually when we roll out anything new that’s technology-related, we get complaints. We have not received any related to this, and this is a case where not getting feedback is a positive. It seems to mean that it’s easy to use and helpful. A few drivers who have participated frequently have given us feedback that they really like having this way to provide us with feedback and share concerns.” 
-Delaney Rea, Recruiting Manager, Melton Truck Lines


We want to make sure you and your team come away from this discussion equipped with new tools to help retain more drivers at your company.


Our goal is to inspire retention leaders like you to think differently. The status quo is the greatest obstacle to overcoming industry-wide driver turnover.

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