The nationwide driver shortage and industry-wide turnover are hitting catastrophic levels. 

As you know, professional drivers are becoming more scarce and so their feedback is gaining even more value. Our research has indicated there are a lot of reasons why this is the case, but we also know that respecting their time and work capacity are direct opportunities to retain workers.

But there are a lot of different ways to identify when a worker feels disrespected in this area. And so, for this year's mid-year report, the WorkHound data team has focused on one question: 

  • What do drivers say when they're feeling disrespected?

Mid-Year Driver Feedback Trends:

On this virtual event, WorkHound CEO & Co-Founder, Max Farrell, and Strategic Projects Manager, Paul Castronova, discussed 2021 driver feedback trends, as related to driver sentiments regarding capacity, time, regulations, and pay.

On this webinar, discover:

  • How to identify when drivers are at-capacity
  • Areas of your business that need to change in order to retain
  • Ways to communicate respect when drivers are feeling strained

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