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How J & M Tank Lines is Closing Communication Gaps & Reducing Turnover with WorkHound’s Help

When Eric Hanson, Vice President of Human Resource Development at J & M Tank Lines, first heard about WorkHound while with a previous employer, he was intrigued, but didn’t think his company needed the tool. Once he moved into a new role with J & M, his perception changed.

In this case study, learn how driver feedback can: 

  • Help maximize an already positive company culture
  • Be heard to improve your driver retention strategy
  • Simplify communication across every layer of your supply chain company
What is WorkHound?
WorkHound addresses high turnover in industries with distributed workforces where workers get little time with managers. This leads to sparse communication, distrust, and diminished productivity. The WorkHound software enables workers to share real-time, anonymous feedback with their companies. Workers receive prompts weekly to speak their minds. The questions asked are straightforward: How are you doing right now? And why do you feel that way? This open-ended feedback informs management blindspots and reduces the bias of traditional surveys. Feedback is aggregated to a dashboard that can help managers filter feedback by topic to act on issues. Companies can respond to workers individually or as a group. The software also tracks retention data so companies can truly understand the return on investment of their efforts. 
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“If I was starting a trucking company today, I’d have WorkHound on board. If you aren’t
using it, you’re missing the boat. You’re missing an opportunity. For the value you get, it’s a no-brainer.” - Eric Hanson, VP of HR, J&M Tank Lines


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