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Milan Supply Chain Solutions has been driving continual improvement since tracking real-time, anonymous driver feedback.

Register for this webinar to learn how Milan Supply Chain Solutions tackled driver turnover and retained more than 93% of revealed drivers an additional 30 days.

You'll learn:

  • Why drivers leave
  • How to resolve driver concerns
  • How to boost employee loyalty

Who Should Attend?

Driver Retention, Recruiting, Operations, and HR Leaders 


  • Thursday - November 4th, 2021
  • 1:30 pm EST | 12:30 pm CST | 10:30 a.m. PT
  • Duration : 1 hour


Max Farrell
CEO & Co-Founder at WorkHound

Max Farrell is co-founder and CEO of WorkHound, a real-time feedback software platform built to give frontline workers a voice with companies. WorkHound drives retention strategy and results in high-turnover industries like trucking. WorkHound gives more than 70,000 workers a voice daily so that their companies can proactively address their issues. Before WorkHound, Max founded an innovation consulting firm where he created employee engagement initiatives for startups, nonprofits, and Fortune 1000 companies. In his spare time he's an avid sportsman and sound hip-hop artist.

Rachel Lovell
Vice President of People Operations at Milan Supply Chain Solutions
Rachel Lovell is the Vice President of People Operations at Milan Supply Chain Solutions. She is an experienced Fleet, Recruiting and HR Manager. Driven by hard work and determination, Rachel takes pride in providing the best experience possible for Milan Drivers, Employees and Contractors. As the Vice President of People Operations, her goals include strengthening driver/operations relationships and creating a great experience for new drivers during the onboarding process. As a result of her outstanding accomplishments over the last 15 years with Milan, Rachel was awarded the Recruiter of the Year Award by Transport Topics in 2019.

Rachel is married and a mother to 3 children and 2 dogs. She enjoys Fishing, Alabama Football, and St Louis Cardinals Baseball.
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“WorkHound gives drivers a platform to share their issues or their positives. When we first started with WorkHound, we were nervous about what we were going to hear, but I absolutely love and look forward to the emails we get, because the majority are positive. One that stuck out to me — the driver said, ‘I really appreciate Milan making the extra effort with driver pay increases and facility upgrades. You’re making it harder and harder for us to find something to fuss about.’”

– Rachel Lovell, VP of People Operations at Milan Supply Chain Solutions


We want to make sure you and your team come away from this discussion equipped with new tools to help retain more drivers at your company.


Our goal is to inspire retention leaders like you to think differently. The status quo is the greatest obstacle to overcoming industry-wide driver turnover.

Conversation Starters

Although driver feedback isn't always easy to hear, it's necessary for your company's retention strategy. Our webinars serve as a launchpad to start the conversation.