WorkHound Annual Trends Report

Analyzing the Biggest Issues Facing Today’s Drivers

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Truck drivers play a vital role in the global supply chain, and their needs and concerns are constantly evolving. The WorkHound Annual Trends Report highlights the issues they are most concerned with, based on our analysis of nearly 100,000 comments from drivers across 109 carriers. 

In this report we cover:

  • Global issues influencing the industry and how they affect drivers
  • The silver linings and positive themes our researchers uncovered
  • Themes of satisfaction and dissatisfaction from drivers’ POV  
  • The broader implications of the data and how to put it to good use 

About WorkHound

WorkHound is a comprehensive feedback platform that drives effective communication across the organization, giving the workforce a voice and helping employers understand the dynamics of how work gets done (and in some cases… how it doesn’t). 

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