Invite, Include, Involve: Women in the Driver Seat

A Panel Discussion Celebrating Women in the Trucking Industry

March is International Women's History Month

Only 12.5% of all workers in transportation are women, and among truck drivers, it's even less -- at only 10%! And yet, we at WorkHound are asked all of the time by trucking companies: How do we recruit more women to apply for our jobs? 

In this discussion, WorkHound has invited some women who are making history during Women's History Month. Learn from Maribeth Kneuve (VP of Drive Van at Marten Transport), KellyLynn McLaughlin (Driver for Schneider & Ambassador of Women in Trucking), Wendy Bartz (VP of Customer Experience at DriverReach), and the conversation will be moderated by WorkHound's own, Katie Love.

On this Webinar, you'll learn:

  • What attracted each panelist to the industry
  • How they're making an impact in trucking
  • What carriers can do to invite, involve, and include more women in the industry

Who Should Attend?

All trucking industry folks who want to learn more about becoming a better ally for women in the industry 


  • Tuesday - March 22th, 2022
  • 2 pm EST | 1 pm CST | 11 a.m. PT
  • Duration : 1 hour


Katie Love
Marketing at WorkHound

Katie Love leads marketing and content at WorkHound, a real-time feedback software platform built to give frontline workers a voice with companies. WorkHound drives retention strategy and results in high-turnover industries like trucking. WorkHound gives more than 70,000 workers a voice daily so that their companies can proactively address their issues. Katie is on the cross-functional team at WorkHound that focuses on reporting the analysis of driver feedback which signals opportunities for companies to improve on behalf of supply chain workers. Katie’s career began in marketing and publicity at the Indianapolis 500, and she has since found her passion in making work better at WorkHound. Katie lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee where she finds work/life balance with cycling, rock climbing, and making music.

Maribeth Kneuve
VP of Dry Van Operations at Marten Transport

Maribeth Knueve is The Vice President of Dry Van Operations at Marten Transport with eighteen years of experience in the Trucking Industry. Maribeth started at Marten in 2011 in the Sales Department and was promoted to Vice President of Sales in 2018. Over the last few years, she has transitioned to having full responsibility of Dry Van Division. Maribeth believes that developing strong relationships with her drivers and customers have been essential to her success both personally and professionally. In her spare time, you can find her at home spending time with her family or on the tennis courts with friends! 

Wendy Bartz
VP of Customer Experience

Wendy Bartz is the Vice President of Customer Experience at DriverReach and enjoys the daily challenge of helping carriers use modern technology to streamline their process driver recruitment process for better faster results. Since beginning her transportation career in 1997, she’s held a variety of positions including coordinating student driver training, managing non-driver recruiting efforts, to executive leadership of driver recruiting efforts. That broad experience over 25 years taught Wendy how to tailor marketing efforts to highlight the value in a carrier’s job openings, which has translated into a proven track record of successfully driving capacity goals at both large and small carriers. Wendy leads the sales and customer experience teams at DriverReach from a foundation of practical knowledge, diverse experience, and continuing education and process refinement, spearheading dynamic efforts to successfully recruit and qualify drivers. When Wendy is not at work, she can be found enjoying time with her two teenage children -- her greatest motivators towards personal and professional success. 

Kellylynn McLaughlin
Professional OTR Driver & Training Engineer @ Schneider & Women in Trucking Driver Ambassador
WIT Driver Ambassador Kellylynn McLaughlin is a professional over-the-road CMV Driver and Training Engineer for Schneider National and currently serves on 2021 FMCSA Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee Driver Panel. The Driver Ambassador program focuses on raising awareness for the WIT mission, promoting the career opportunities women have in trucking, celebrating their accomplishments, removing obstacles female truck drivers face, and increasing membership for the organization. 
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